Deutschman Design

Deutschman Design Canada

Industrial and automotive design company. Deutschman Design Inc. is a Montreal-based industrial design company that, over the past few years, ...

Category: Automotive Design - Industry
Location: Montreal, Quebec - Canada


Prototype Vehicles Magazine

Prototype Vehicles Magazine United States

Conceptual and Prototype vehicles and interesting automobiles. Weekly magazine covering the automotive world.

Category: Enthusiasts - Racing
Location: Berkeley - United States

Concept Car Central United States

Late 20th century concept and Prototype vehicles from auto manufacturers around the world, includes information about auto shows, famous designers ...

Category: Enthusiasts - Racing
Location: Paris - United States
AMC Prototypes

AMC Prototypes United States

A tribute to the many concept and Prototype cars developed by American Motors Corporation.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Macclesfield - United States

ME Four Twelve United States

Chrysler's ME Four-Twelve Supercar Prototype forum.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: PARIS - United States
New Elva Web Site

New Elva Web Site United Kingdom

Details the progress being made toward the Prototype development of a new Elva Courier. Includes history, photos, and technical information.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Tampa - United Kingdom

CRX Zero's Site United States

Contains CRX, Del Sol, and J-VX Prototype information.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Provo - United States
The Range Rover Register

The Range Rover Register United Kingdom

A club for owners and enthusiasts. Information, photographs and how to join. Includes the Velar Prototype.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Palo Alto - United Kingdom
The Saab Museum

The Saab Museum United Kingdom

Documents the evolution of the Saab from the Prototype Ursaab, to the present day 9-5. Includes every model's history, model ...

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Dracut - United Kingdom
Scott Putnam's Subenet

Scott Putnam's Subenet United States

Includes news articles, photos, racing information, product specifications, features and pricing, maintenance schedules, reviews, roadtests and Prototype information.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Hampton - United States
Hemco Machine Company, Inc.

Hemco Machine Company, Inc. United States

A full service machine company for Prototype machining, automotive computer electrical components, and fixturing.

Category: Racing Clubs & Associations - Clubs & Associations
Location: Herndon - United States

Griffin Ltd United States

Manufactures halfshafts for Prototype vehicles and attachments for most multi-spindle screw machines.

Category: Drive Train - Parts and Accessories
Location: Garden Grove - United States
Interior Motives

Interior Motives United Kingdom

Covering the formulation of an automotive interior from initial sketches through to final Prototype.

Category: News and Media
Location: . - United Kingdom

Unofficial Lamborghini United States

Information on all models, from the first 350 GTV Prototype to the latest L147 project.

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: Torino - United States

British Motor Manufacturers And Charbens Miniature Series United Kingdom

History of British motor manufacturers between 1894 and 1960 including those that never made it beyond the Prototype or design ...

Category: Cars - Hobby
Location: Modesto - United Kingdom

Timoney Technology Albania

Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), infantry fighting vehicles, combat support vehicles, heavy transporters and airport crash, fire and rescue vehicles. Timoney Technology ...

Category: Heavy vehicles
Location: - - Albania
Gadgetronx Electronics and Motorcycle Accessories

Gadgetronx Electronics And Motorcycle Accessories United States

Gadgetronx is an electronic manufacturing company located in California, United States, offers electronic Motorcycle accessories, electronic circuit design, assembly, research, ...

Category: Parts and Accessories - Motorcycles
Location: Corona/CA - United States
Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services China

We provide rapid prototyping services ,SLA Prototype ,CNC machining/Turning,and mass manufacturing.UYEE Rapid Prototyping Services specializes in rapid Prototype and products ...

Category: Makes and Models - Manufacturers
Location: ShenZhen - China
KAIAO Rapid Prototyping Co.

KAIAO Rapid Prototyping Co. China

KAIAO is a 19-year old outsourcing Prototype maker. We are ISO9001 and SGS certified to provide fast precise models, prototypes ...

Category: Automotive Design - Industry
Location: Shenzhen - China